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Displaced in Iraq’s Laylan camp express fears as forced returns commence

24. November 2020 | 17:31

Rushed camp closures and returns of internally displaced people in Iraq to their areas of origin will have serious humanitarian consequences, says MSF.

MSF forced to withdraw from coronavirus response in Venezuelan hospital

24. November 2020 | 15:46

Entry restrictions for MSF international staff in Venezuela have made it difficult to continue our work on COVID-19, forcing us to withdraw from our work in a Caracas hospital.

Annual report: Activity Report 2019

23. November 2020 | 17:09

Read MSF’s comprehensive report of medical activities in 72 countries around the world in 2019, together with feature articles, facts and figures.

MSF International President speaks on responsibility in European migration

19. November 2020 | 17:37

MSF International President Dr Christos Christou speaks to governments High-level Interparliamentary Conference on Migration and Asylum in Europe on their migration obligations.

Democratic Republic of Congo: MSF statement on Salambalila

19. November 2020 | 14:27

Statement following further violence In Salamabila, Democratic Republic of Congo, where attacks on civilians and other human rights violations are frequent.

Improved medical response sees the end of eleventh Ebola outbreak in DRC

19. November 2020 | 12:54

Almost six months since the eleventh outbreak of Ebola was declared in DRC, new tools and an improved medical response have seen the epidemic come to an end.

Governments must support proposal to waive coronavirus COVID-19 patents

19. November 2020 | 7:54

MSF is urging all countries to join the 99 others who have expressed support for a landmark request to waive intellectual property on coronavirus COVID-19 drugs and vaccines, allowing for affordable access.

Step up for TB report 2020

16. November 2020 | 15:28

MSF and Stop TB Partnership present the 4th edition of the Step up for TB report, which surveys TB testing and treatment progress among 37 high TB-burden countries.

Report shows new tests and drugs for TB remain out of reach

16. November 2020 | 14:59

A new MSF report shows that new drugs and testing for tuberculosis – the world’s deadliest infectious disease – aren’t getting to people quickly enough.

EU policies to blame for refugee shipwrecks in central Mediterranean

13. November 2020 | 16:55

Four separate shipwrecks in the central Mediterranean in less than 72 hours has cost the lives of more than 100 people – the result of EU migration policies.