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Lifesaving, labour-inducing drugs come with serious health risks | Pakistan

24. April 2019 | 13:10

In Pakistan, the misuse of labour-inducing drugs poses serious health risks to mothers and new-borns. MSF has implemented training for medical workers in the country, which has one of the highest maternal and neonatal mortality rates in the world, to educate them on the risks.

Complicated delivery: The Yemeni mothers and children dying without medical care

24. April 2019 | 9:15

After four years of war in Yemen, MSF finds that access to medical care in the country is limited and the lack of timely access can be deadly, particularly for pregnant women and children.

Mothers and children left to die in Yemen without access to medical care

24. April 2019 | 4:29

A new MSF report describes how pregnant women and children are particularly vulnerable to high rates of mortality due to a lack of easy access to hospitals in Yemen’s war-torn healthcare system.

DRC Ebola outbreak crisis update

18. April 2019 | 8:20

On 1 August 2018, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) declared an outbreak of Ebola in the northeastern North Kivu province, now the country’s largest-ever outbreak of the disease.

Alarming rates of malnutrition among displaced people in southern Ethiopia

17. April 2019 | 16:48

Alarming rates of malnutrition among children and pregnant women in displaced people’s camps in southern Ethiopia have forced MSF to launch an emergency response.

Detained refugees trapped, Libyan families flee, as fighting worsens in Tripoli | Libya

17. April 2019 | 15:54

The worsening fighting in Tripoli continues, forcing thousands of Libyans to flee and trapping refugees and migrants in detention centres. MSF teams are on the ground, providing healthcare and emergency food and water.

MSF emergency response to Cyclone Idai and flooding crisis update

17. April 2019 | 8:46

Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe have been severely damaged by heavy rains, flooding and Cyclone Idai, which hit Beira, central Mozambique on 14 March. Our teams are on the ground in all three countries.

Assisting Venezuelan migrants in Colombia

17. April 2019 | 8:42

The crisis in Venezuela has forced a million Venezuelans to flee to Colombia, where the healthcare system is struggling to cope with the new arrivals. MSF is providing healthcare to Venezuelans and Colombians living in the departments along the border.

There’s a lot to be done to address the uncountable health needs | South Sudan

16. April 2019 | 15:35

Africa’s newest country, South Sudan, is still feeling the effects from violence since 2013, including a decimated health system where there are few local medical staff and people can walk up to 7 days to a hospital, explains Endashaw Mengistu.

From emergency to recovery: Mozambique one month after Cyclone Idai

12. April 2019 | 16:58

One month since Cyclone Idai tore through Beira and surrounding towns in Mozambique, life is starting to return to normal in many areas – but thousands still face challenges with clean water, food, shelter and avoiding cholera.