Her finder du en oversigt over alle Læger uden Grænsers pressemeddelelser:

Greece denies healthcare to seriously ill refugee children on Lesbos

23. January 2020 | 4:57

Children who are suffering from chronic and complex diseases, such as heart disease and asthma and are forced to live in unhygienic conditions in Moria camp, Greece, with no appropriate health care and medication.

Five things MSF wishes to improve for patient care in 2020

22. January 2020 | 11:33

In 2020 we want to see change in the way medicines and medical care is accessible for people and patients – not charity. Here are the five things we wish for change this year and beyond.

Gavi must work to ensure more children get new, more affordable pneumonia vaccine

21. January 2020 | 7:45

As vaccine funder Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, celebrates its 20th anniversary, MSF is using the occasion to call out the organisation to ensure more children are protected against deadly pneumonia with a new, more affordable, vaccine.

Deaths and broken lives, the aftermath of airstrikes in Gaza | Palestine

17. January 2020 | 16:48

Salwa is ten-year-old girl who is the sole survivor in her family of a recent Israeli airstrike in Gaza, Palestine. Severely injured, MSF-supported hospitals are one of the few options open to people like her to start her long recovery.

Fighting malaria and a failing health system in Bolivar Venezuela

17. January 2020 | 14:43

Venezuela’s economic crisis has led to a collapsed health system, allowing for the resurgence of diseases like malaria. MSF teams are going closer than ever to people in the country’s eastern Bolivar state to treat the disease.

Mediterranean escape route for migrants and refugees trapped in Libya

15. January 2020 | 16:26

Escalating conflict in Libya is leading thousands to flee. Left in limbo, caught in the crossfire of a country at war and trapped in a cycle of violence, many refugees see their only chance to escape is on unseaworthy boats across the Mediterranean.

Iraq's tuk-tuk drivers are the ambulances of the nation

14. January 2020 | 9:30

In Bagdad, Iraq, tuk-tuk driver Ali Salim spent days taking people wounded in protests to hospital before ending up in a hospital bed himself.

DRC Ebola outbreak crisis update

13. January 2020 | 9:20

On 1 August 2018, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) declared an outbreak of Ebola in the northeastern North Kivu province, now the country’s largest-ever outbreak of the disease.

Mending broken lives: treating wounded protesters in Iraq

10. January 2020 | 14:32

MSF staff have been providing lifesaving post-operative treatment – including physiotherapy and mental health support – to people wounded during the protests in Baghdad, Iraq.

New movement of displaced in northwest Syria after intense military offensive

9. January 2020 | 16:49

A new military offensive in Idlib governorate, northwestern Syria, has forced hundreds of thousands of people to flee, joining more than 1.5 million displaced already living in dire conditions during a cold and wet winter.