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Tuberculosis patients in Ukraine need medication and mental health support

19. September 2021 | 7:49

For TB patients to get back on their feet and back to their normal lives, comprehensive treatment is needed, from all-oral courses of medication to mental health support.

We can only help refugees to survive new camp on Greek island

17. September 2021 | 9:15

With the opening of a new camp on the Greek island of Samos, MSF psychologists outline the trauma many refugees and asylum seekers have already lived through.

European Union: more empty promises about global COVID-19 vaccine equity?

15. September 2021 | 12:54

More words from the EU underline the importance of global access to vaccines, but when will words turn to action?

The science of malaria prevention in Niger through water treatment

14. September 2021 | 12:22

Since June, through water treatment and insecticides, our teams have been combating the development of mosquito larvae into full-grown mosquitoes, thus curbing malaria cases in Niger ahead of the rainy season.

MSF forced to suspend majority of healthcare activities in Ethiopia despite enormous needs

10. September 2021 | 10:20

Despite complying with the Ethiopian authorities’ requests and undertaking all required action, MSF has been forced to suspend almost all activities in Ethiopia while the needs of the people are enormous.

One year on from Moria fire, EU still denies dignity to trapped migrants

10. September 2021 | 8:50

A year after a fire tore through and destroyed Moria camp, on Lesbos, Greece, thousands of refugees remain on the island, with the EU refusing to provide dignity to those trapped there.

Treating trauma and overcoming obstacles in Kunduz, Afghanistan

10. September 2021 | 7:07

A medic in Kunduz describes treating trauma during and after the fighting: from bomb blasts to gun-shot wounds, to road traffic accidents – it’s all in a day’s work.

Specialised care needed for earthquake survivors in south Haiti

9. September 2021 | 11:23

Despite the obstacles and difficulties, the needs in the southernmost region of Haiti continue as MSF works to provide continued care for those most affected by the earthquake.

Failed asylum policies from US and Mexico leave migrants in deplorable conditions

9. September 2021 | 7:10

Mass deportations and failed asylum policies leave tens of thousands of migrants stranded and in danger along Mexico’s border cities.

Medical needs in Herat, Afghanistan, are growing as organisations suspend activities

6. September 2021 | 9:40

An MSF medic in Herat, Afghanistan, describes the reality of working in the city since the Taliban took control and almost all other organisations suspended operations.