Her finder du en oversigt over alle Læger uden Grænsers pressemeddelelser:

Migrants detained in Mexico need medical care and protection

3. April 2020 | 21:38

MSF calls for the release of migrants in detention centres and their access to medical care and protection, after a fire in Tenosique, Mexico.

Care for the vulnerable in Paris as COVID-19 spreads

3. April 2020 | 15:59

MSF teams are providing medical care to people confined in emergency shelters or living on the streets or in makeshift camps in Paris and the suburbs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Borno state: diseases will persist during COVID-19 pandemic

3. April 2020 | 12:44

After more than a decade of armed conflict, malnutrition, malaria, measles and cholera, over a million displaced people in Borno now face COVID-19.

COVID-19: MSF launches our largest ever response in Belgium

3. April 2020 | 12:39

To support the COVID-19 response in Belgium, we’re assisting with infection control in hospitals, care for the elderly and support for vulnerable groups

COVID-19 complicates catastrophic situation in northwest Syria

2. April 2020 | 12:13

The spread of COVID-19 in northwest Syria will be catastrophic without immediate international mobilisation, says MSF’s field coordinator there.

COVID-19 brings challenges to well-developed healthcare systems

31. March 2020 | 8:52

MSF Italy’s president and COVID-19 emergency coordinator describes how our teams are providing existing outbreak expertise to help deal with the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.

MSF steps up COVID-19 response in Europe

30. March 2020 | 7:06

MSF widens our COVID-19 response in Italy, Spain, Switzerland, France, Norway, Greece and Belgium; seeks solutions to coronavirus impact on projects elsewhere.

No profiteering on COVID-19 drugs and vaccines, says MSF

27. March 2020 | 17:48

As pharmaceutical corporations race to develop new drugs and vaccines for COVID-19, MSF warns against any attempts to profit off tools that are needed to save lives.

MSF provides relief items and adapts response for COVID-19 in Idlib

27. March 2020 | 15:43

With people escaping the military offensive in northwestern Syria’s Idlib province, a lack of essential items such as shelter – and the looming threat of COVID-19 – is concerning.

Preparation is key for COVID-19 pandemic in Côte d'Ivoire

27. March 2020 | 14:05

Médecins Sans Frontières has been working to respond to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic recently declared in Côte d’Ivoire by screening for cases and providing training.