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MSF denounces unsafe environment in Al-Hol camp Syria

2. March 2021 | 15:49

The security and safety situation in Al-Hol camp, northeastern Syria, has deteriorated, with more than 30 people – including MSF staff – killed since January.

MSF responds in North Kivu to twelfth Ebola outbreak in DRC

25. February 2021 | 17:48

Following a new outbreak of Ebola in DRC – the country’s twelfth – MSF teams are responding in communities in North Kivu province, the site of the newest outbreak.

Violence in Haiti forces transfer of hospital patients

25. February 2021 | 11:51

Violent clashes around the MSF burns centre hospital in Drouillard, a neighbourhood of Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince, have forced staff to transfer patients for their safety.

People, medical facilities hit during violence in southern CAR

22. February 2021 | 17:01

Post-election violence in Central African Republic is continuing to have an impact on people, this time in the southern city of Bambari, when people and medical facilities were hit with bullets.

The stark inequality of COVID-19 vaccination between Israel and Palestine

22. February 2021 | 14:02

Matthias Kennes, an MSF medical adviser in the West Bank, Palestine, writes of the searing inequalities he’s witnessing on COVID-19 vaccination between the occupied territory and Israel.

Severe malnutrition on the rise among children in Yemen

22. February 2021 | 13:52

Since January, MSF has been treating increasing numbers of severely malnourished children at Abs hospital, in northwestern Yemen; a sign of a war that has a terrible impact on lives.

Lack of food, shelter in Sudan add to worries for refugees fleeing Ethiopia

19. February 2021 | 13:46

More than 61,000 people, fleeing violence in Ethiopia, have registered as refugees in Sudan. Those stuck in the border town of Hamdayet are barely having their basic needs met.

Five questions on the 2021 Ebola outbreak in Guinea

19. February 2021 | 8:58

After authorities in Guinea declared a new outbreak of Ebola in mid-February, MSF’s Anja Wolz outlines the current situation and response in five questions.

MSF urges rich countries to share appropriate COVID-19 vaccines with Southern Africa

18. February 2021 | 13:46

As Southern Africa struggles under a contagious variant of the coronavirus, MSF urges rich countries to share appropriate COVID-19 vaccines with those yet to vaccinate key workers.

MSF concerned for welfare of people in Myanmar

17. February 2021 | 9:39

Following the military coup in Myanmar on 1 February, MSF is concerned for the welfare of people and healthcare workers – and access to healthcare – in the country, following arrests and intimidation.