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People stranded, cut off from care in severe flooding in east and northeast South Sudan

21. October 2019 | 17:30

MSF teams are responding as thousands of people have been left stranded in parts of east and northeast South Sudan in the wake of severe flooding.

MSF providing medical care in Iraq to people fleeing northeast Syria

21. October 2019 | 14:02

MSF teams have started working inside two areas in Iraq, responding to the medical needs – including mental health needs – of people fleeing the conflict and Turkish incursion in northeast Syria.

Migration policies that kill | Mexico

18. October 2019 | 8:27

Carol Bottger, MSF medical coordinator has just spent a year in Mexico. In this interview, she discusses the impact of regional migration policies.

Treating mental health outside of specialised settings in Lebanon

17. October 2019 | 16:45

In an effort to address challenges of providing adequate mental health support to people, MSF has implemented the Mental Health Gap programme in two clinics in northern Lebanon.

Worsening conditions in Libya follow closure of detention centre

17. October 2019 | 13:25

Following the closure of a detention centre in Misrata, refugees and migrants moved to other facilities in Libya are exposed to increasingly inhumane conditions.

MSF International medical guides: practical tools for the field

17. October 2019 | 10:50

MSF has launched new editions of “Clinical guidelines” and “Essential drugs”, available in several languages for use in MSF projects and beyond.

Myanmar: Displaced couple cured of multidrug-resistant TB

17. October 2019 | 8:24

Treatment for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis patients is rare in Myanmar’s conflict-affected communities. This story illustrates hardships patients face.

Working with displaced people in Benue state, Nigeria

16. October 2019 | 12:51

Interview with Simona Onidi, MSF project coordinator in Benue state, Nigeria, where our teams support some of the thousands of people displaced by violence.

On the run from violence in Nigeria

15. October 2019 | 13:21

Violence in Nigeria’s Zamfara and Benue states has forced thousands of people from their homes. Their medical and humanitarian needs are great.

Northeast Syria: MSF forced to evacuate staff due to extreme volatility in the region

14. October 2019 | 10:52

Volatility in northeast Syria has forced Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) to suspend most of our activities there and evacuate all international staff.