Information Meeting in Copenhagen 03.10.2017

Information Meeting in Copenhagen October 2017
Foto: Jessica Dimmock

Dato: 3. okt 2017

Tid: 17: 30

Sted: Strandlodsvej 44, 2nd floor 2300 Copenhagen

Sprog: Engelsk

Are you ready to make a contribution to people in need across the world? Then join us at our next Information Meeting in Copenhagen. The number of seats is limited so please sign up in the form below. We need nurses, engineers, technicians, doctors, medical specialists, bio analysts, midwives, administrative and financial coordinators etc.


The meeting will address the following:

  • Introduction
  • Background and values (The MSF Charter)
  • Projects – where, when, and how


Information about requirements for the expatriate staff

  • Education and work experience
  • Personal qualities
  • Application and selection
  • Working conditions: Contract, salary etc.


In addition, we will provide an insight into the life of an expatriate through video clips and first hand stories – especially in connection to living conditions, group dynamics, security, and cultural differences.


For further information, please contact HR on this number: 39 77 56 00


Please fill out the form and sign up for this meeting.